FREE directory for photography, photographers and pictures

Free and SEO friendly directory, human built and with ONE PURPOSE - to promote photographers websites via traffic AND link power

Are you also sick of those well listed photography directories or webrings which don't bring you anything but a few clicks?
Your website DOES NOT get any link power back at all BUT ecaxtly this is what you need to be well listed in search engines.

Most of the well listed directories are using "no follow tag", "click counters", "redirects" or you have to click 100 times till you finally end up on your website. All those technics are used to make sure NOT to pass on any quality link power to your website. On the other side, the link YOU give them is a seo frienly link which promotes the directory BUT NOT YOUR WEBSITE!

This why we started this new photographer directory. As photographers we believe in honesty and will pass on what YOU give us - link power.
WE DO NOT USE "no follow", "click counters" or other redirects - WE DO pass full link power back to your website!!!

We do ask for a reciprocal link - just because it is fair BUT you have the option to link deep in the category where you are listed.

We launched this directory on April 1st, 2008 so it will take a PR update till you see PR on the directory. As earlier you are listed as more benefit you will have over time, simply because you will be on the first page in your category. We will display 60 partners in each category, sorted by entry date, before a second page in the category is built. This means that everybody who joins us from the beginning will have maximum benefit over a long time.
At the very beginning we allow two entries per website, one under "photography" and one under "photographers" or "pictures". Please be aware that we will not list your website if you use any "no follow", "hidden frames" or "redirects" - we also only accept quality websites related to photography, photographers or pictures. We DO NOT accept nude, but we do accept fine art with bodies.

We will open up more categories and subcategories over time to make no links are on pages which are not seen by any search engines.

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